Mansfield’s supply team brings unique experience and industry expertise to the table. From contract pricing and hedging to trading of fuel, renewables and alternatives such as CNG and LNG, the Mansfield supply team covers the gamut of knowledge that is required to manage today’s complex national fuel supply chain. Although they work as a national team, each member’s regional focus enables Mansfield to deliver geographic based supply solutions by more efficiently managing market specific refining, shipping, and terminal/assets.

Nancy D. Yamaguchi, Ph.D.

Lead Writer

Dr. Nancy Yamaguchi is President of Trans-Energy Research Associates, Inc., specializing in advanced analytical techniques in energy issues. Her work focuses on a wide spectrum of issues relating to energy, economics, and the environment, particularly the areas where these three areas interact. She has a strong interest in the global oil industry, including supply, demand and trade, transport, refining, product blending, alternative and reformulated fuels, product quality, and price behavior.

Dr. Yamaguchi has written extensively on the dynamics of the Asia-Pacific, Western Hemisphere, Middle Eastern and international energy markets. She has had dozens of international public speaking engagements. She a Contributing Editor to the UK-based International Journal of Hydrocarbon Engineering. She is a regular contributor to the Education Program of the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America. She is an analyst and technical writer for FMNWEB.

Prior to founding Trans-Energy Research, Dr. Yamaguchi held faculty and research positions at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii and the California Energy Commission in Sacramento, California.


Andy Milton

SVP of Supply & Distribution – Contributing Writer

Andy Milton heads the supply group for Mansfield and during his tenure the company has grown from 1.3 billion gallons to over 2.5 billion gallons per year. Andy’s industry experience spans all aspects of the fuel supply business from truck dispatch, analytics, and index pricing to hedging and bulk purchasing. Prior to Mansfield, Andy worked at RaceTrac Petroleum. Andy’s expertise in purchasing via pipeline, vessel, and the coordination via futures and options for hedging purchases enables him to successfully lead a team of experienced and motivated supply personnel at Mansfield. Andy’s team handles a wide geographic area of all 50 states and Canada, including all gasoline products, ULSD, kerosene, Heating Oil, biodiesel, Ethanol, and Natural Gas. Andy’s education began at Young Harris College and later at Georgia Southern University where he received a BS in Sports Management.


Dan Luther

Manager of Supply & Distribution – Contributing Writer

Dan Luther is responsible for purchasing, hedging, and the distribution of natural gas and renewable fuels. Before joining Mansfield, Dan was Director of Operations at Aska Energy and also worked at RaceTrac Petroleum, where he helped manage all barge, rail, and truck fuel deliveries before assuming ethanol trading responsibilities, including
purchasing product to fulfill RaceTrac’s demand while trading product across other U.S. markets. Dan holds a BSBA in Supply Chain Management and Marketing from Ohio State University and is currently working towards his MBA at Georgia Tech.


Chris Carter

Southeast Supply Manager – Contributing Writer

Chris Carter serves as the Southeast Supply Manager responsible for refined product purchases including contracts, day deals and rack purchases. The Southeast region covers Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. His responsibilities also include supply contracts and current bids. Chris manages pipeline shipments of gas and diesel on the Colonial, Plantation and Central Florida Pipelines. Chris joined Mansfield in 2009 as a Supply Optimization Analyst and earned his BA in Business Management from North Georgia College and State University.


Nate Kovacevich

Senior Supply Manager – Contributing Writer

Before joining the company, Nate worked for Yocum Oil Company as a Senior Trader where his responsibilities included managing the company’s refined product and renewable fuels procurement, handling all hedging related activities, and providing risk management tools and strategies to help customers mitigate volatility and price risk. Nate previously worked for FCStone, where he performed commodity research and analysis for customers with agricultural and petroleum related risk, devised and implemented risk management programs and strategies, and executed futures and option orders on all the major exchanges as well as any OTC related transactions. Nate earned his BA in Entrepreneurship and Economics from the University of St. Thomas.

Alan Apthorp

Market Intelligence Analyst – Editor & Contributing Writer

Alan Apthorp is responsible for content creation & editing, research, and data analysis & visualization at Mansfield. He also works with our product marketing team to analyze market trends to generate valuable insight to help Mansfield’s customers. Alan joined Mansfield in 2015, and has served both as a Client Relationship Manager and as a Supply Scheduler with Mansfield’s Power & Gas division. Alan earned his BSBA in finance and economics from Liberty University.

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