Crude prices this morning are $46.66, rising slightly higher since yesterday. Prices fell throughout the day yesterday, closing at $46.02, but prices have risen 1.3% to its current[...]
The past month has brought intense scrutiny on global oil inventories. The primary goal of the OPEC-NOPEC oil production cuts is to bring inventories down to their five-year averag[...]
Oil prices declined significantly this week, for the second week in a row. Many traders had hoped for a more dramatic outcome from the May 25th OPEC-NOPEC meeting, and prices began[...]
WTI crude prices have retreated to the $48.50-$48.75/b range this morning. Yesterday brought a rally that reclaimed the $50/b mark for a time, but prices subsided through closing, [...]
WTI crude prices have fallen back down into the $50.50-$51.00/b range this morning. WTI opened at $51.25/b today, a drop of $0.19, or 0.37%, below yesterday’s opening price. Curren[...]

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